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J's School of English


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About Us

English Message for Advanced Learners
Welcome to J's School of English

At J's School of English, we don't believe in native-speakerism: our goal is to provide high quality English language instruction as a second language or an international language, instead of teaching you how to be a "native English speaker."

Our instructors (bilingual speakers of English and Japanese) are experts on SLA (Second Language Acquisition) with extensive experience of teaching English in Japan and abroad. They know the best way to teach English as a second language to Japanese learners at different levels.

At our school you enjoy our laid-back style: a cozy and friendly setting. In such a relaxed atmosphere you can improve your English language skills for social and practical purposes, academic success. You can also prepare for TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS and career advancement.

We recommend one-to-one lessons, which are focused to your specific needs: We can help you improve communicative competence, brush up writing and reading skills or master business English skills ― whatever you prefer. As a private student, you work with the instructor to make the best use of your time. Private lessons may also be taken in addition to our other courses.

The real pleasure of learning a second language is to experience a different world and to gain a new perspective. We wish you a happy future with English!

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